What I’m Reading: Feb 19 2019

I finally read the books I got for Christmas. I meant to read them in January, but the cold that I caught in October came back again in January, so I saved the books for when I felt better.

Here are the xmas books:

Hazard, by Devon Monk. So cute and fun…who knew I’d like books about Hockey? There’s a lot of magic, a little romance, and some fun on the ice. I’ll definitely read book 2 when it comes out. This author’s characters are always compelling.

Putting the Fun in Funeral, by Diana Pharaoh Francis. Diana has created a wonderfully snarky and strong character in Beck. A good mystery, awesome magic, and totally hot kissing. Book 1 of Everyday Disasters.

Magic Triumphs, by Ilona Andrews. The final book of Kate Daniels series (though probably not of that universe, since there are some Hugh books coming). A great resolution to a series I really loved, with wonderful characters and terrific writing.


In addition, I ordered another book the day it came out:

Cast in Oblivion, by Michelle Sagara. The Elantra series is one of my all-time favorite series, and I really enjoyed Kaylin’s adventures in this 14th book in the series. But I did something with this book I’ve never done before. I finished it, went straight to the bookcase and got the previous book, re-read that one (Cast in Deception), and followed that up by re-reading Oblivion. Not only is the political side of Kaylin’s life getting more complicated, but the cast of characters grew vastly in Deception, and that growth plus other plot complications meant that I needed that re-read to follow some of the really twisty parts. Be prepared for *lots* of dialogue since there’s not only talking out loud but also a lot of internal chats with those who talk mentally with Kaylin by virtue of her holding their True Name.

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