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Salem Reads Review

Salem Reads is an annual event (this is the third year) coordinated by the Salem, Oregon library. The Salem Public Library Foundation selection committee picks a book for each year, and creates a series of events around the book’s subject matter. This year the book was “Good Morning, Midnight” by Lily Brooks-Dalton. Events included talks on science and climate change, an art exhibit, a writing challenge, and viewing of movies on arctic life and activism.

I attended the author’s presentation on February 28th to hear the author’s own take on her book. This isn’t the book for readers who want a “happily ever after” ending. This author meant for the reader to face their own idea of endings, but not comfortably. She made it clear in her talk that she wants you to make up your own mind what the ending means.

“Who were these people at this ending? In many ways I conceived of this ending as a mirror.”

Lily Brooks-Dalton wanted to write a book about Carpe Diem, and she succeeded in creating a world that doesn’t have firm answers to big questions. Or even to little ones.

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