I read, I write, I make art.

The entrance to Canada as we got off the boat


You can find inspiration in the ordinary, and in the unusual. Neither are better for inspiration as long as you get as much out of each as you can.

I'm on a boat!


I got home from my very first cruise on Monday night, and am still doing laundry and putting travel gear away. And reading through the notes I took on conversations and settings and story ideas — I can’t wait until I sit down at the computer and actually get the ideas I stumbled on into their true shape. But first I have to find a few missing socks and figure out where to put my new postcards.

Of course a cruise will be full of inspiring conversations and settings…but so is laundry. You have to be able to find inspiration in the mundane as well as the adventurous moments of your life. Not every moment in a story is a high point, just like not every day is a vacation. And that’s a good thing.

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Fiction writer, coffee addict, cat owner...doesn't every "about me" say that, usually with a cutesy photo? I don't do cutesy. So I'll add to the list: I'm short, stubborn, very unfashionable, clumsy (typing this with a wounded wrist, always have bruises), opinionated, and a humanist. BS degree in Journalism '83, certificate in technical writing, addicted to reading, can't boil water without setting off the smoke alarm, non-skinny, politically active (and annoyingly loud about it). Love comfort, hate camping, wouldn't want to live in a world where chocolate and caramel hadn't been invented.