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First ever “Beta” reader

I recently finished a short story and realized it was time to get myself a Beta reader. The only people who have read my fiction in the past are close friends or relatives, but it was time to see what it felt like to send off a newly finished work to a total stranger. Thanks to one of my Facebook groups on writing I found a lovely Beta reader who sent back a bulleted list of changes that would really make the story a lot better — she won my heart (and lifetime friendship) for taking the time to do that. And she thought the story was fun!

I’m sure I’ll eventually show some fiction to someone who either hates it or who can’t edit their way out of a paper bag, but this was an awesome first time for me. Thank you, Pamela, for taking the time to read and respond. It makes me feel brave enough to face submitting the story and to continue writing and finding Beta readers.

About Me
Fiction writer, coffee addict, cat owner...doesn't every "about me" say that, usually with a cutesy photo? I don't do cutesy. So I'll add to the list: I'm short, stubborn, very unfashionable, clumsy (typing this with a wounded wrist, always have bruises), opinionated, and a humanist. BS degree in Journalism '83, certificate in technical writing, addicted to reading, can't boil water without setting off the smoke alarm, non-skinny, politically active (and annoyingly loud about it). Love comfort, hate camping, wouldn't want to live in a world where chocolate and caramel hadn't been invented.