Poor Maggie Mae. For a while her intestinal tumor was shrinking, and the vet was very hopeful. But in the last week she’s been fading a bit. She’s lost more weight, isn’t eating as much, and is barfing more. We’re tracking how she acts and reacts, very aware of our responsibility as fur-parents to not let her suffer. It’s not quite time but we can feel it inching closer.

She has times when she purrs a lot and hangs out in the sunshine the same as the other cats, and times where she wants only to be alone in the back room. Watching a cat battle cancer — something they can’t claw at, can’t hiss at, and just suffer through — is an education in true illness. There is nothing worse for human or animal than to feel your body betraying you. She’s never been the best digestion-wise, but this is beyond her.

The best we can hope for is to fill the time she has left with tasty food and warm laps since those two things were always what made her happy.

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