It’s a Draft!

It’s been more than a week and I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I finished an actual draft of a book. 70,000+ words — some of them well written, and some thrown blindly at the page in hopes that the round 2 edit can actually make this into something good […]

photo of 4 white mugs

Neighborhood Garage Sales

Summer to me means the rubbery taste of hot dogs, the whir of room fans, the smell of cut grass and gasoline…and the chaos of our annual HOA garage sale. I live in a house that’s part of a Home Owner’s Association, and have been on the board and on the social committee. Back in […]

Fabric Paper Clip Art for Cookbooks

More rubber stamping for paper clip art last night, this time on strips of fabric with black StazOn ink. Bought two colors of plain cotton fabric in fat quarters at Walmart for $.97 each and used my pinking sheers to cut strips. Strips are about 2cm (just over 1/2 inch) wide, and about 3.5 to […]

Instagramming my life away

I started Instagraming when I started the MIID courses talked about in previous posts. I think it combines the best of blogging with the ease of Facebook scrolling through multiple people’s posts. I’ve noticed that if the choice is between grabbing my phone, taking a photo, and uploading it to IG with a couple of […]


Poor Maggie Mae. For a while her intestinal tumor was shrinking, and the vet was very hopeful. But in the last week she’s been fading a bit. She’s lost more weight, isn’t eating as much, and is barfing more. We’re tracking how she acts and reacts, very aware of our responsibility as fur-parents to not […]

Maggie Mae and Bruce

The Adventures of Maggie Mae

Mags is currently in the area of the house we call Bruce’s Office — his desk might be there, but it’s really the cats’ room. Besides the footstool with the cat bed on it, there’s the little antique chair with the cat bed on it, the two baskets on the floor with soft towels in […]

My Own Grumpy Cat

Pets can teach us many things — about responsibility, about love, about patience, and about joy. Unfortunately they can also teach us about pain, sorrow, and ill-health. Maggie Mae was the nearly 20 lb bundle of grumpy love we got from Friends of Felines in 2005 or so. She growls at our manx tabby, glares […]