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Neighborhood Garage Sales

Summer to me means the rubbery taste of hot dogs, the whir of room fans, the smell of cut grass and gasoline…and the chaos of our annual HOA garage sale. I live in a house that’s part of a Home Owner’s Association, and have been on the board and on the social committee. Back in […]

Ramblings: Language in Politics and PR

I noticed something interesting over the past couple of days regarding the titles of press releases and other notices sent out by the Oregon Legislature. I’m on a mailing list for “Oregon State Legislature – Press Release Update” and noticed that the press releases from the Oregon Democrats over the last month have all had […]


I posted this over on my Google Plus profile, but thought I’d copy it here since it’s a typical “tamra musing” type of thing, and this blog is turning into my musing spot. There are always some clients who say “but it was only a small change, how could it cost that much?” Conceptually small […]