I read, I write, I make art.


I have been told all my life that I’m creative…but I didn’t believe I was or trust my own creativity until my sophomore year in college, when a girlfriend complained about my being too creative. For some reason, hearing it as a complaint finally made it sink in (and no, I don’t really want to know what type of Fruedian mystery that tidbit solves).

Photos of me

During the 20-some years since that time I’ve studied & practiced my creativity by dabbling in fiction writing and poetry, cartooning, photography, music (performing and composing), various fiber art techniques, collage, greeting card design, watercolor painting, and most recently in digital art and animation. I even earned college money one year by sculpting small items that were used as molds for one of those plaster “pottery” craft stores.

sketch book with pens and coffee

I get my inspiration from the world around me — from my mother’s quilts, my sister’s needlepoint, my mother-in-law’s garden, the covers of books displayed at the bookstore, the latest half-time animation on ESPN.

Bella Luna

This site is a personal exploration of some facets of my creativity — and most of all, by having a site to display my dabbles on, it’s a forced reminder that I have to finish a project every now and then, instead of only starting them.

About Me
Fiction writer, coffee addict, cat owner...doesn't every "about me" say that, usually with a cutesy photo? I don't do cutesy. So I'll add to the list: I'm short, stubborn, very unfashionable, clumsy (typing this with a wounded wrist, always have bruises), opinionated, and a humanist. BS degree in Journalism '83, certificate in technical writing, addicted to reading, can't boil water without setting off the smoke alarm, non-skinny, politically active (and annoyingly loud about it). Love comfort, hate camping, wouldn't want to live in a world where chocolate and caramel hadn't been invented.