I posted this over on my Google Plus profile, but thought I’d copy it here since it’s a typical “tamra musing” type of thing, and this blog is turning into my musing spot. There are always some clients who say “but it was only a small change, how could it cost that much?” Conceptually small […]

Maggie Mae and Bruce

The Adventures of Maggie Mae

Mags is currently in the area of the house we call Bruce’s Office — his desk might be there, but it’s really the cats’ room. Besides the footstool with the cat bed on it, there’s the little antique chair with the cat bed on it, the two baskets on the floor with soft towels in […]

My Own Grumpy Cat

Pets can teach us many things — about responsibility, about love, about patience, and about joy. Unfortunately they can also teach us about pain, sorrow, and ill-health. Maggie Mae was the nearly 20 lb bundle of grumpy love we got from Friends of Felines in 2005 or so. She growls at our manx tabby, glares […]

January Creative Goal Setting

I posted the following on my Facebook page and have gotten 4 takers so far. “I hereby promise the following: One thing I want to do this year is create more. So: I promise to make a small work of art for the first ten people who comment on this post and say “YES, I […]